To: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Stop San Onofre from Re-Opening!

Stop San Onofre from Re-Opening!

Dear Commissioner,

Please stop the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant from re-opening! It is too old and the metal pipes that carry steam have been plugged, but are bound to leak again. The pipes are old and rub together when the plant is running, causing wear and tear on them. When a hole forms, radioactive steam comes out and leaks into the air. This is why San Onofre closed for repairs. It is an accident waiting to happen.


Karen Uyeno

Why is this important?

Eight million people could be affected by a major accident at San Diego's San Onofre nuclear power plant. They would be affected by nuclear radioactivity. If you have been exposed to a high level of radioactivity, there is no turning back. You are then radioactive forever. It doesn't go away. If you live and have children, your children can be born with birth defects because the radioactivity changes your DNA in your chromosomes. This is your genetic material that forms your children. This would also happen to animals and plants, since they also have DNA. If there is a major accident,
such as a meltdown, you can get burned on your skin and your skin can fall off. I am thankful that this did not happen at San Onofre this time, but it could happen if we allow San Onofre to be re-opened, and I don't want to take that chance.