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To: Mayor of Mumbai,Minstry of Environment and Forest,Local MP and MLC

Stop the Damage of Forest area in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Stop the Damage of  Forest area in Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Dear Mayor/Minister of Environment and Forest and Local Member of Parliament,

I am Rajib Das and staying near Sanjay Gandhi National park area in Mumbai Borivili-East.

There are some activities going on in term of breaking the rocks, uprooting the trees and filling the forest land with soil in term of development.

While inquiring about the same with the people engaged in the activity , I came to know there is development plan taken out by some builder ,with conjunction of local authority.

There is a vast forest land and rocks has already been destroyed, and local flora and fauna is lost.

Earlier I used to see a lot of different species of birds in the morning ,which I don’t see it now.

I would like to bring it to the notice of you and like to know can anything been done to restore the beauty in the area ,where as activity may have legal sanction from local authority.

I have taken some picture on the same, however the pictures may not be the real depiction of the damages .

Looking forward looking listening from you.

Why is this important?

We have very less place to breath air,Sanjay Gandhi National Park is most beautiful and pristine place in Mumbai,We should stop the destruction of the place in term of development.
It can not be development at a cost of the trees,birds ,environment .We need to have something good left for our future and future generation.


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