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To: Goa State Environment Impact Assessment Authority [Goa - SEIAA]

Stop Destruction of River Sal in Goa! Builders, build responsibly! Beware of people's power!

Stop Destruction of River Sal in Goa! Builders, build responsibly! Beware of people's power!

I am a resident of Carmona, Salcete, a small village located in South Goa, well known for its rivers and beaches. There are around 350 houses in this small village and we live our lives within the limits of available resources. Most of the local villagers depend mainly on manual labor and some on fishing for their income and sustenance. Our village has been here for generations and we have maintained and kept this village clean and sustainable. However, of late, due to the increase in tourism, corruption, bribery, and other factors, the scarce land available in GOA has been indiscriminately sold to mega-builders.These builders, with their ever expanding mega-housing projects, have substantially destroyed and are continuously destroying and polluting our pristine village environment as well as the nearby River Sal.

To make matters worse for the local villagers, the Raheja Builders in their upcoming mega-housing project plan to build more than 500 flats in our village. However, this project is, obviously, not properly planned and obviously it will never be monitored effectively to safeguard the interests of the villagers.Even now, the villagers complain that these builders are dumping their current waste and sewage into the river Sal bluntly ignoring the consequences. These builders have no concrete plans, and technically speaking cannot have plans to effectively get rid of the waste in a sustainable and innovative way and efficiently prevent unavoidable future disruption of the existing ecological balance and the quality of life in the village.

Undoubtedly, the increasing dumpage likely to be dumped in the river Sal will consist of:

1. Sewage/drainage flowing off from more than 700 new households with a minimum of three family members who will eventually occupy the residential flats/bungalows
2. Vast garbage consisting mainly of organic and non-degradable plastic material
3. Chlorinated water from the swimming pools that will be built within the residential area

In addition to this, ongoing construction of new residential flats with the increasing population will hamper the limited water supply and electricity in the village causing adverse shortage of water and electricity thereby making it difficult to meet the daily consumption needs of the locals for the same.

In view of the above detrimental factors that are definitely bound to have their adverse damaging impact on our physical and cultural environment, your support and timely intervention is solicited to prevent further damage to our environment, and thereby help our village maintain a physically clean and economically sustainable and viable environment and, in the process, help ourselves in promoting an all round sustainable and environmentally cleaner Goa for the benefit of all Goans!


Samson D'Costa

Why is this important?

Your timely intervention is essentially important so as to prevent and or to stop the prospective mega-builders from further damaging our fragile environment through their mega-housing projects. To further allow mega-builders to irresponsibly pursue with the construction of residential flats is to blindly encourage the same to destroy our village environment as succinctly explained above. To coolly and blindly ignore the same is to invite socio-environmental disaster in the village, and the ensuing damage done will be beyond redemption, and that to our sorrow and much disappointment.

It needs to be cautiously noted that the upcoming mega-housing project planned by the Raheja builders is to be located very close to the bank of the River Sal in Carmona, Salcette, Goa. Undoubtedly, any mega-housing project in the proximity of the river is definitely bound to disrupt the immediate environment and ecological balance, as well as adversely pollute and eventually destroy all aquatic life of river Sal. Subsequently, those nearby villagers depending upon a nominal fishing occupation for their sustenance are going to be economically badly affected. Even otherwise, river Sal and its immediate surroundings are definitely going to be disrupted as pointed out above and on this indisputable count alone the construction of mega-housing projects in our small village should be logically strongly opposed and or banned, once for all!

At the cost of repeating, pollution of River Sal and the consequent environmental damage subsequent to the construction of Rahejas mega-housing project is inevitable. It needs to be kept in mind that the proposed Drainage/Sewage system of Rahejas project under consideration is technically inappropriate according to experts, and the Locals believe that the damage done to the "River Sal" and its surroundings will definitely affect the village life gravely and, perhaps, even beyond restoration to its original condition.

Moreover, my village is currently facing acute water-shortage problems and also it is subjected to repeated power failures. And, if the proposed mega-housing project by the Rahejas is blindly allowed to materialize, then the ensuing increase in population in the village will not only just hamper the quality and quantity of our drinking water supply but also eventually destroy the environment and the river life through its pollution.

A significant number of concerned people in my village and I have been fighting the battle against mega-builders and their evildoers for more than seven years, with the sole noble objective to save river Sal and sustain the environment in our village from being adversely damaged. Logically, to achieve this attainable goal, your unconditional help and valuable support by signing this petition is herein solicited with much gratitude!

Time and again, we have approached the builders to bring to their attention as to how any mega-housing project close to the banks of River Sal would adversely affect the environment and the river Sal as well as discussed with them how the ensuing sewage/garbage problems could affect the village even if the same are attempted to be resolved in a more sustainable way; and, that the builders should not go ahead with any construction just to make much profit and build up their financial empire in Mumbai at the cost of sacrificing the village life by deliberately damaging the surrounding areas and their environment which have been well sustained by the locals for generations. Unfortunately for the villagers, the representative/s of the builders did not show any signs of concern and, instead, only replied "we will get it done, the way we want it", and for which purpose they have the money- and muscle-power to mobilize the support of vulnerable corrupt men when in power at the Village Panchayat level, and or more, at the Governmental level.

Notwithstanding the firm determination of the builders to pursue their ignoble dream of getting richer and richer through their irresponsible plans to build mega-housing projects, we need to zealously pursue the noble goal of protecting our village, and saving it for our children and future generations. Friends and co-villagers, help me fight this battle and help ourselves keep this village safe and clean, and thereby let us set an example for other Goans as well to fight similar battles and keep Goa safe and sound, and preserve its scarce land and natural resources exclusively and rightly for the benefit of the native people of Goa and of our children and future generations.

As such, kindly Sign, and also widely Share this Petition with others concerned, Online! Many Many Thanks for your concern, and for your unconditional support and prayers!

How it will be delivered

Through Online Promotion of Awareness, Mobilize People's Potential Power!

To appreciate the importance and effectiveness of People Power, Click on the Link here:>
and read to know what it means to involve People-Power globally for any noble Cause worth aggressively living for, and if need be, worth dying for it!!

Tamdeg, Carmona, Salcete, Goa, India

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Reasons for signing

  • The quiet, peaceful hamlet of Carmona will be destroyed by this project. The rape of Goa continues for the sake of money, and money certainly has a loud and compelling voice!
  • I would like to have a chat with Samson D'Costa. Please ring me.
  • River sal if not protected now, it will become mithi river in mumbai


2013-09-19 01:17:50 +0530

Great! India Against Corruption, so sings Remo Fernandes!
When We'll sing 'Goa Against Corruption' and 'Pollution'?

2013-09-16 21:06:52 +0530

2013-09-14 17:32:24 +0530

+"The RTI should be used to find what is the verdict given by the forest dept in the case against Raheja. The case could be raked up to bring a stay order.The present forest minister, Alina Saldanha seems to be pro environment."
+"Well, if the govt. does not want to acquire that land for public use, according to me, the other option is that they must restore the forest by planting teak trees which in turn will be of commercial use to them. Thus the fragile eco-system of Carmona will be maintained and protected."
+"If Raheja has 100 reasons to construct 70 bungalows, you can also cite 110 reasons why they should not be constructed there. The thing is to find those reasons.
+"Do not permit any road widening to take place. It will be a trap to lure some of your people. Then they will use the widened road to present other plans".

2013-09-14 12:40:36 +0530

Mounting public alarm over mega-housing projects in the proximity of the River Sal disrupting the ecological balance or harmonious relationship in its vicinity demands effective intervention for ecological protection.

2013-09-11 18:55:29 +0530

Listen to this, and Act! Stop Pollution!

2013-09-11 00:09:38 +0530

Stop Water Pollution!!!

Video Shared by Naome B., The Phillippines.

2013-09-10 23:41:58 +0530

"People Power is without question one of the most powerful means to accomplish any cause—either for good or evil. People have the power to close down any operation—or prosper it! For example, pornography prevails because enough people want it, buy it, watch it, listen to it, and read it. It is extremely profitable because countless people prosper it and so on .... 'People-Power is a mighty force"
Your positive influence for good is vital.I want to invite you to have a vital part in this Campaign by signing and joining the campaign's People Power movement to oppose alien mega-builders who are out to rape and destroy Goa. There is no charge or any other obligation. Thanks! JdaSFMartins

2013-09-10 15:58:58 +0530

Updates from non-political Meeting since the village Panchayat finds it difficult to take a firm decision.

2013-09-09 23:39:09 +0530

"Our actions impact the environment. Each thing we do can help or hurt our planet in many ways. U. S. Environmental Protection Agency-EPA [ ] has tools to help you learn and understand the issues and help you reduce your environmental footprint. Learn more at:> "
RIVER SAL is God's Creation! Stop Polluting It!
If Interested, Take Some Time to Visit:>
and Learn more about God's Works of Creation and Your Responsibility in Managing it as God's Steward!

2013-09-09 00:06:23 +0530

Friends, Rome was not built in a day! Our struggle to fight for a good cause may seem to be endless, tiresome, and without any positive outcomes.Nevertheless, its worth continuing in our common struggle against ruthless builders out to destroy Goa and never give up! All great causes take a lot of hard work, precious time, and dauntless effort! So, let us keep going and get ourselves lost in a cause greater than ourselves, in spite of our hardships! Let us give our common struggle enough time, and also take time for ourselves to cope with our personal life-struggles. For, Time Makes a Difference! So, Take Time to Click:>, Watch and Relax! It will Make a Difference in your Life, and you'll be better prepared to fight the Invaders without resorting to muscle-power nor succumb to money power, compromise, and give up your fight! JdaSFMartins

2013-09-08 22:32:11 +0530

Builders Beware of People's Potential Power!

2013-09-01 19:29:32 +0530

100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

2013-08-27 10:40:41 +0530

Please Go through the Last Paragraph the Builders are not dumb to go back on their plans...

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