Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • We need parks not parking! Save Lal Bagh!
    Success! Within three weeks of starting the campaign, a PIL backed by more than 2000 GreenpeaceX signatures was able to stall the destructive project as a status quo was ordered by the High Court.
    2,223 Signatures
    Created by Sadashiv P
    Green Tribunal cancels environment clearance to Aranmula airport The tribunal has also ordered KGS Group, the promoters of the project, to stop all the construction activities going on at the project
    93 Signatures
    Created by A R Suresh Amakkottu Picture
  • Save 274 acres of Botanical Garden reserve forest land from Eco-tourism project
    Panel says no to botanical garden project: The State Expert Appraisal Committee(SEAC) appointed by state government has recommended that the project needs to be scraped and mentioned that “the proposed project looks more like commercial project rather than a eco- tourism project.” SEAC also mentioned that the work relating to the setting up of the project was undertaken without prior EC(Environmental Clearance) and hence amounts to violation of conditions of the ministry of environment and forest (MoEF). The continuous efforts of the citizens and activists against the project were also taken into consideration by the committee which said that "it is felt desirable to preserve the reserve forest in the best interest of the urban environment and public interest". Read more...
    2,873 Signatures
    Created by A V Reddy
  • Ban La Tomatina in Andhra Pradesh
    The event managers were forced to cancel the event due to public pressure. La Tomatina Festival ban in Delhi and Karnataka in previous years has also influenced this greatly. Authorities have confirmed cancellation of the event and also mentioned that no such wasteful events would further take place.
    536 Signatures
    Created by Padmaja Karra Picture
  • NDTV dump Monsanto!
    A few days just after we delivered signatures to NDTV, activist Anantha Sayanan got a response that NDTV has stopped their campaign with Monsanto and the TV series “Inspiring lives” has been stalled and would not be aired.
    2,972 Signatures
    Created by Ananthoo Sayanan
  • Don't Bury us under Industrial Waste Adhunik Group
    Court orders Adhunik to stop the illegal dumping of toxic waste Umang Choudary, activist: " GPx gave me the confidence to challenge a company for it's environmental crimes."
    148 Signatures
    Created by Umang Choudhary Picture