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To: Mr. Sanjay Bhaurav, Mayor of Thane

Switch on the sun in Thane and power our street lights with solar energy

Switch on the sun in Thane and power our street lights with solar energy

We would like the Mayor to commission a report into how Thane can adopt solar street lighting, and to publically commit that under his leadership Thane will increase investment in solar power and smart city technologies.

Why is this important?

Solar power can light up darkened streets where electricity supplies are unreliable, making them safer for everyone. They don’t rely on coal for electricity, reducing air pollution and climate change emissions. Best of all, the technology is being made right now in India.

We appreciate the work on the current solar projects in Thane and we would like to ask you as our Mayor to kick start a new initiative to make our city smarter. Please commission a report on how Thane can adopt solar street lighting and announce your commitment to the same.

We have 32,335 street lights/garden lights in Thane. In addition to making our streets brighter and safer, we anticipate that the lakhs of money spent on energy bills on these street lights can be significantly reduced if we adopted clean energy to power them. This will further establish our reputation as the 'Pilot Solar City' as declared by the Government of India.

As citizens of Thane we want our city to lead the way in green technology, to invest in the future, to reduce carbon emissions and to prove that being a smart city starts with local action. We believe in local solutions to national problems, and we commit to support your initiative.

But as our elected Mayor we would like you to kick start this work

How it will be delivered

By a face to face meeting with the Mayor

Thane, Maharashtra, India

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Reasons for signing

  • It not cost our beautiful environment as well as nature.


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