To: The Government of Maharashtra; The Governor; The Railway Board and the Central Government

Travel Safe Live Safe

Dear Mayor,

Make rail travel simpler and safer for Mumbaikars. This is in view of so many casualties reported in last few months it has become necessary to take some action to improve the infrastructure and more education to be imparted to the people to travel safely.

Why is this important?

Daily lakhs and lakhs of commuters travel vide train either for work, education or pleasure. It is the only means of connectivity to the suburbs and much of the time is wasted on the travel itself. And during the course of travelling people have to undergo several issues like crowded trains, hooliganism, travel on the foot boards and the on the top of the train, eve-teasing and many more such issues. Hence stance should be taken for Making rail travel simpler and safer for Mumbaikars.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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