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To: Karnataka’s Horticulture Minister, S A Ravindranath

We need parks not parking! Save Lal Bagh!

Success! Within three weeks of starting the campaign, a PIL backed by more than 2000 GreenpeaceX signatures was able to stall the destructive project as a status quo was ordered by the High Court.

We need parks not parking! Save Lal Bagh!

Respected Minister,

Stop all work on the proposed five-acre parking area in Lalbagh. A five-acre parking lot in a botanical garden will threaten the large collection of plant species, and the ground water level. Let LALBAGH be the lung of the city as it has been for decades!

There is a large crowd at Lalbagh for only about 30 days a year during the flower shows. Alternative arrangements for parking can be made during this time. The land that has been allocated for the parking lot is fertile land and hundreds of trees and plants could be planted here enhancing the beauty and health of the park as well as the city.

Why is this important?

Lalbagh is a precious heritage to Bangaloreans dating back to 1760, and the park has many rare plants and trees. Lalbagh and Cubbon park act as a pair of lungs for Bangalore, filtering out pollution and giving us fresh cool air in return, many trees are lost to road widening across the city, so it is vital that we keep these islands of vegetation untouched.

Using five acres to construct a parking lot inside the park is a waste and nothing more than a money making scam.

Lalbagh is one of the best loved parks in the heart of the city and we must focus on protecting this green space instead of covering it with concrete. These five acres of Lalbagh must be utilized to make the park an even better green space, benefitting both humans and the large variety of birds that visit the park.

Reasons for signing

  • To protect our green for feature generation
  • One of the few cities in the world that have a wonderful garden within the main city for people to enjoy their fresh morning breeze and stay fit.
  • We want Green & clean Bangalore...


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