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To: The people of India

Will the real anti national please stand up?

Will the real anti national please stand up?

Every day happenings in India…

Rishwat (bribe, baba bribes) are passed on between Indian hands
In 49% of Indian schools surveyed by CRY in 2013, there is no soap near toilets for children to wash their hands
Hands are raised in schools to discipline children and in homes to discipline women
Rag pickers and garbage disposal workers are working with their bare hands
The hands of 12.66 million child labourers are at work

Instead of cleaning up issues involving our very own desi hands, our government has started targeting the phoren (foreign) hand!

Did you hear about the report by the Intelligence Bureau which recently leaked (first I say, how this leakage happened? Koi plumber ko bulao!) The report has listed several NGOs which are foreign funded and seen as a threat to India’s development.

Hello ji! The richest 10% of Indians (mostly politicians) own 73.8% of the wealth.[1] The World Bank tells us that 68.8% of India’s population lives on less than $2 a day.[2] My friends in Mumbai are lining up to buy affordable train passes for the last time. Goodbye to forests, goodbye to tribal culture, hello mainstream development (kya loge? Chai? Pani? Chai-paani?) When civil society groups raise questions about this crazy development, they are being told, “Hey you, phoren hand – shut your phoren mouth. You are anti-national!”

Okay ji, but what about me? Even I want sustainable development for India does that mean that I’m anti-national? I thought about this all day while drying papad (No rain thanks to climate change, and government won’t promote shift to solar, tab tak let’s make papad!)
I feel like this report from the IB is an attack on me and everyone else in India who cares about the sustained and healthy progress for the nation as well as our environment.

As an aunty and a citizen and who cares about social development for India, this upsets me – and I want to take a stand on this!

Now my conclusion is – theek hai na. Even Batman had to become Dark Knight to save his city. If voicing my thoughts and asking for lasting, fair solutions makes me anti-national, then I am. In fact, I’m Aunty National. Join me in raising our ‘national’ voices. Let’s ask for better governance and a better future.

Why is this important?

Sustainable development will ensure a safe and wholesome future for the generations to come. The real threat to India’s future is the companies who are exploiting India’s resources and displacing millions of people -- not the people like me arguing for a more sustainable path.

Reasons for signing

  • Yes. Rather than whinning and complaining about evrything wrong going around us, we need to change ourselves and raise our voices against these 'desi' practices!
  • i support the cause
  • I Support the cause


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