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To: Shri Dilip Kumar Adak, IPS Dy. Commissioner of Police (I), Traffic Department

Withdraw Order Banning Cycles from 38 Kolkata Roads

Withdraw Order Banning Cycles from 38 Kolkata Roads

Dear Sir,

We are shocked to hear that the Kolkata Traffic Police have passed an order banning cycles from 38 major roads in the city. Your department's decision to ban cycles will make life of the common man difficult. Data of the Union Ministry of Urban Development shows people in Kolkata make nearly 2.5 million cycle trips a day, second only to Delhi. Most of the people who ride cycles to work are daily wage earners, security guards etc or in a sense people who can't afford even public transport.

In other cities like Delhi, Pune are promoting cycles, or creating dedicated tracks for cycles your departments decision to ban it shows that our beloved Kolkata Traffic Police is completely out of touch with the real world.

Your notification also contravenes Central guidelines like the National Urban Transport policy of 2006 that encourage non-motorized forms of transport like cycling.

We sincerely urge you to withdraw the said order and also stop confiscating cycles or penalizing cyclists and forcing them to pay Rs.100 as a fine.

Why is this important?

- Kolkata is the only metropolitan city in India where trips by cycle (11 per cent) outnumber trips by cars (8 per cent)

- Traffic accident data for West Bengal (2011) shows only 1.5 per cent of road accidents happen due to fault of cyclists against 71 per cent due to faults of motor vehicle drivers
Kolkata has the lowest number of private cars and the least amount of road space (6 per cent) among metro cities. Even smaller cities like Gwalior have more registered motor vehicles than Kolkata. Cycling is practical and popular with the masses

- Cycles do not slow down vehicular traffic. Average speed of traffic in Kolkata varies between 14-18 km/ hour. The national average is 22 km/hour

- With a population of over 14 million, urban agglomeration of Kolkata is among the most densely populated in the country. At least 7,750 people live in one sq km area. Cycling is a practical mode of transport in such areas

How it will be delivered

I plan to deliver the petition with public cycle rally in Kolkata which will be led by supporters, celebrities and other like minded organizations.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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Reasons for signing

  • Small efforts often yield unimaginable results. Earth will survive, but will be able to LIVE?
  • save earth for god sake. this is the only place where we can live..
  • Polution free atmosphere,less accidents in the city and saves energy for better purposes.


2013-08-22 13:06:28 +0530

Shibayan along with other activists organised a cycle ride to the commissioner's office in Kolkata last week to protest against the recent cycle ban in the city.
Unfortunately we were not able to get a response from the Police Commissioner, Traffic Department.

We are planning a larger event to build more pressure but we need YOUR support to ensure that the ban order is withdrawn!

2013-08-09 17:39:11 +0530

5,000 signatures reached

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2013-08-03 22:09:01 +0530

Youth Ki Awaaz, India's largest blogging platform carried my article and a call for action to sign the petition . Read it here and share it with everyone-

2013-07-29 23:11:32 +0530

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